The Neurofeedback Therapy system we use is NeurOptimal® Advanced Brain Training System developed by the Zengar Institute in Canada. NeurOptimal® is designed to bring balance to clients’ brain waves by providing instantaneous audio feedback whenever erratic brain wave activity is detected. These little skips in the music prompt the brain to reorganize its activity and move to a more coherent state of functioning. Essentially, the system provides your brain with a mirror so it can see how it is functioning and learn where to change and improve.


NeurOptimal® simply provides the central nervous system with information about what it has already done and allows the brain itself sort out the value of that information. Harnessing the brain’s intrinsic intelligence to regulate the amount of brain waves necessary in any specific moment for that individual is infinitely more effective than turning the task over to even the most powerful computer processor.

Dynamical Neurofeedback®, then, allows the brain to reconnect with its own internal resources to determine what is appropriate in various situations and how best to cope with this information. It is the NeurOptimal® system’s permeability with the brain’s natural processes that allows Dynamical Neurofeedback® to produce such positive effects for so many people regardless of what particular concerns prompted the neurofeedback training. Instead of “chasing problems”, the NeurOptimal® system simply prompts the brain to source its own internal, information-rich way of approaching the world across all situations. This non-invasive prompting encourages the brain to return to far more efficient and effective operation regardless of internal and external challenges and demands. As a result, symptoms and problems simply drop away, seamlessly for most people.

Children, adolescents, and adults with seizure conditions, behavior disorders, attention deficits, autism, ongoing developmental delays, acquired brain injuries, birth trauma, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, stress-related problems, and insomnia or interrupted sleep patterns, as well as those with age-related cognitive loss, may find neurofeedback helpful.

Sessions are typically 60 minutes each.  The initial session will also include a client information intake portion.  The initial session is $125 with additional follow up sessions at $100.


Neurofeedback training typically consists of once-a-week sessions for an average of 20 weeks. Some people need fewer sessions, while others require more. While you are sitting in a chair, the facilitator will attach sensors to your scalp.

A computer EEG program will process your brain signals and provide information about various brainwave frequencies. Using a program similar to a video game, you will watch the graphics or listen to music while your brain and central nervous system receive feedback signals from the program. The program will then begin directing your brainwave activity toward more desirable and controlled patterns. You will get immediate feedback from the program when your brainwave patterns improve.

Between sessions, you should be able to notice changes in stress, sleep patterns, or mental clarity.  You may even have breakthroughs in thinking, whether it’s for a stressful situation in your life or if you’ve been wrestling with a life changing event such as a job or new home decision.


Client Intake Forms

Look here for our client intake forms.  These must be filled out, signed and returned prior to your NeurOptimal® training session.