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Takoda Wellness Ranch is the perfect Retreat Center in Central Florida. It is a place to host a variety of retreats, off-site business meetings, picnics, social events, and weddings. Located in a lovely rural setting less than an hour outside Tampa, we provide the perfect backdrop along with dedicated and enthusiastic staff who will have every detail covered.

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Breathwork is a powerful and ancient healing technology that allows you to heal at all levels: body, mind and spirit. Its origins trace back to India and the practice of the pranayamas, including rhythmic patterns of inhales and exhales, along with periods of holding and releasing the breath.

Breathwork is the active form of consciously working your breath to bypass the mind and enter a different state of awareness. This is what most people seek when meditating, and breathwork takes you to that place very quickly.

The practice gives the brain’s executive functioning something to focus on, so you can bypass the mental level of consciousness and drop into a deeper state of consciousness, where healing, spirit, and love reside.

Breathwork with Alessandra Santos


Through breathwork you connect to The Divine (you can call it God, nature, the universe, your higher self, your inner guidance, breath of life.). It is in that connection with your own breath and your inner guidance that magic happens. You know yourself better than anyone, you are your own healer, you are your best guide, you are the creator of magic. You just need to set the intention and breathe!

We offer one on one, virtual, and group sessions, as well as intensive Breathwork retreats with our traveling practitioners.


2-3 Nights, Call to Book Dates

The Mission of Sage Woman Retreats is to teach women to protect themselves. This means protecting not only your physical self, but your financial self, spiritual self, and your health as well.

We created these Retreats for Sage Woman Warriors to spread the message and teach as many women as possible to empower themselves through learning how to physically, spiritually, and financially thrive. Sage Woman Retreats are generally done over 3-4 days.

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Sage Women


Horse Retreat website pic

3-4 nights, Call to Book Dates

A fantastic way to thoroughly explore riding in Florida and enhance your skills while also having time for some rest and relaxation on our beautiful ranch.

Our “Horseback Riding & Pampering Vacation” includes the following:  Lodging, UTV tours, tasty ranchers breakfast, lunch served on the trail each afternoon, and a farm fresh prepared dinner each evening, bonfires and bonding after dinner each night, five (5) hours of guided trail rides, one hour massage per person, one neurofeedback training session per person, and one enrichment of your choice: Aromatherapy, Nutrition, Financial Empowerment, Everyday Self-defense, or Horsemanship.

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