We have a class that’s just right for you…



Yoga develops inner awareness. It focuses your attention on your body’s abilities at the present moment and helps develop breath and strength of mind and body. Practicing yoga improves your flexibility and strength, reduces low back pain, eases stress and anxiety, and improves sleep. You will stand up straighter and feel more at peace.

The yoga classes offered range in styles and include Yoga Nidra, Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Yin. We also offer Cow Experience Yoga, which is a unique way to practice yoga with the idyllic backdrop of our oak trees and rolling hills amongst our cows.

Average class duration is 75 minutes starting at $15.


Breathwork is a powerful and ancient healing technology that allows you to heal at all levels:  body, mind and spirit. Its origins trace back to India and the practice of the pranayamas, including rhythmic patterns of inhales and exhales, along with periods of holding and releasing the breath.  Experience magic, connection, healing and relaxation through breathwork.  Classes can be done virtually or in person.

Average session duration: 75 minutes


Energy work meets finance meets personal planning.  Money is energy.  Once you understand that concept, it’s easy to implement a foundation that supports a new loving relationship with money that supports your prosperity and abundance.


Through the work of Financial Alchemy and Conscious Planning, you are able to identify conscious and sub-conscious blocks to unlock what is holding you back with personal and business financial goals.  It’s not just about dollars and cents- a huge part of our behavior with finance has to do with our belief systems learned from our family.  These belief systems can be limited and restricted in nature which causes the lack or unfulfillment in your life.

A financial alchemy session does for your financial health what an acupuncture treatment does for your physical health.  During your energy alchemy journey, you will be guided through a unique transformational process combining powerful technologies. We will work on transforming your energies from overwhelmed and stuck to fulfilled, harmony and joy.

Average session duration: 60 minutes, Session cost $225

Sessions can be done virtually or in person.  In person sessions can be done with the assistance of animals.



Eating healthy is easier than you think! If you want to improve your eating habits and overall health without renouncing tasty meals, you can learn new cooking ways from our multi-approach classes and disciplines.

We offer private and group classes that focus on healthy cooking, meal planning, weight loss tips & tricks, bowl building, sugar-free eating and deserts, detoxes, microgreens & sprouts, fermented foods, pressure cooking, spices, “living off your land” and herbs.  Group classes starting at $48, private classes starting at $225.


If you have a green or black thumb, we have a class for you! Gardening is becoming more popular every year and as the number of people moving to Florida continues to escalate, the demand for education on growing and caring for plants increases.  Gardening is a relaxing outdoor hobby that can brighten up a backyard or patio, but it’s also another way to become more self-sustaining.

Gardening Classes provide an in-depth look at different areas of gardening and an excellent opportunity to chat one-on-one with an experienced horticulture professional.  Our classes will go in depth on local and native plants to Florida, growing your own food, organic benefits and options, proper watering, composting, fertilizing, planting seasons and rotations, kitchen and patio gardens and herbs.