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Equestrian Offerings on the Ranch

Takoda Wellness Ranch is also offering Horseback in Riding Brooksville FL. Takoda wellness Ranch is a home to Off Track Transformations- a non profit organization that aids in the successful second career training in both western and English disciplines. They provide a solid landing for retired racehorses whether they are ready to learn a new job or need rehabbing and down time – all the way up to helping connect horses and riders with one another to find their perfect homes!

Our goal is to showcase the variety of talent OTTBs have to offer after their racing years (or for some, before their racing career even started as the were deemed not fit for the track) while also helping military vets by learning more about these amazing athletes!

The core of our mission is helping the heroes that have come home after war with both physical and mental “scars” – same as a highly trained racehorse, veterans share the daunting task of transitioning from a regimented and consistent routine to being a civilian that can successfully function in society. Our job is to give both the horses and heroes the tools they need to make progress in their individual journeys.

The program itself is not just for helping retrain, rehab and rehome – were active in the RRP and compete in the Makeover every year as well🙂

We utilize those same horses for our wellness equestrian related offerings. There’s something so special when you interact with a horse- they feel you and you feel them. When you are able to connect and bond with a horse, a deep peace initiates in both you and the horse.

Trail Rides

Trail Riding is isometric exercise and can help maintain postural strength and stability – a key to protecting the lower back. There are also many mental health benefits, including increased confidence and heightened relaxation. Many people find just being around the horses a calming experience; add in the beautiful natural surroundings we ride through and you have a recipe for wellness.

Horse Yoga

Horse yoga is all about connecting to nature and your inner being. This type of yoga is meant to improve the bond and connection between two living beings. Unlike other methods of yoga with animals, horse yoga involves balancing poses on a horse’s back—a pretty impressive feat considering how hard it can be simply getting into the saddle! Horseback yoga is a magical connection with an animal that’s bigger than you. You will experience everything from connecting to the horse’s breathing, using the animal for stability while doing poses on the ground, to advanced moves like headstand on horseback.

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